Senior Year


At this point, I have been juggling between finalizing my projects to document them and to keep writing in the journal and documentation book.

It has been a tough week to manage everything with other classes.

Senior Year


With the last presentation of project III, the professors enlightened me that The packaging needs to be variant and not repetitive. Since I have created only two characters and placed them on all packages, I was blind by the idea of consistency that I just went overboard with it. As an overall, the packages weren’t bad, yet they weren’t thesis worthy to be displayed.

After the discussion, I have immediately started creating more characters that were consistent in terms of clothing and color scheme. Yet, the differences are clear. Sizes of the packaging got variant and tweaks have been made. I added three main icons on each label depicting the main organs that can be affected by the excessive dosage of the products. I will also include a real image of what the organ might look like instead of putting it on the package itself as the professor suggested. I tried to add it to the packages but to me, it didn’t look like the way I wanted it to look, nor did it compliment the design.

While working on the packages I have started to write down my documentation book, that’s going to be placed in the exhibition.

A lot, of things, are piling up while working on this boo. from choosing the right typeface and creating your own grid to work with to figure out what to actually write. Even though my way of creating a book is not totally right, I’m using Illustrator rather than InDesign, I would just work on what I feel comfortable with me, knowing that the printing process with the print press that I use would be much easier like this.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 11.34.40 PM.png

Senior Year


I have started creating my packages, with main products that are usually promoted to be healthy.

Diet Chocolates, Granola, Fat-free Potato chips & vitamin water. By creating these packages, I have emphasized the bad side effects that are usually and most of the time taken off the products information. Using bright colors to grab attention, large text and a simple illustration that sets up the mood of what is the product about.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 6.25.03 PM

after trying to print out a couple of times, I was hesitant of the third color choice. On screen, both of them were different shades of blue, yet as a print one of them was purplish. the colors worked even when the two shades were together with the red and yellow. I chose the color palette with keeping in mind the color of the zines that I have produced as a second project. And also, my sketch of the exhibition wall,

Senior Year


This post is a note for my used online resources, to be properly adjusted to the right format later on.


Nutrition fact label, zine related.

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Senior Year


In the latest discussion with the professors about how far I came with the projects, talking about sketches and the planning of the exhibition wall. I came to them stuck in the middle of continuing to make the zines and having trouble to get an idea for the third project.

After the discussion and the handful information that was given to me, I decided to go with their suggestion and create a package. A package that’s different from what we usually see in markets. packages of truth.

The normal packages in stores supposedly give out information, that you think is correct. Yet, this information can actually be harmful to the consumer.

Example to look up for was: Margarine

Margarine is an imitation butter spread used for flavoring, baking, and cooking.

It turns out that after a long period of time in using this product, they discovered that its nearly deadly and the disadvantages of the product are more than its actual purpose. Basically, because of what it is made of and the harmful consequences that are gained after consumption.

While I was looking up for a precedent, I have found the following. What if product packaging had to tell the terrifying Truth?

Senior Year


While working on the zines layout and color scheme, I was looking through the Internet for some sort of evidence of brands being deceptive to include in the zine and found the following.

Nike accusation of false advertisement + Nike’s confession of actually knowing about it and deceiving consumers.

With that, I started mapping out the lay out of my exhibition wall, in hopes of having the right visualization of the space without making it crowded..

Senior Year



Coming back from spring break with fresh energy to resume working and finishing the projects to bring out a complete thesis presentation. In class, we were directed to edit out artist statement and bring in images to be included in the yearly book.

While still investigating and working on my second project, I came across Allen Dishelle zine that is really helpful.

Also, Doubleday & Cartwright worked on famous brands zine including Nike,


Then I went further to look up deceptive advertisements that I can showcase within the zine, the following sites were helpful in having precedence.

Senior Year



After introducing my second project today for the class, I got positive feedback on the direction that I’m going toward to. Along with the presentation, the professors suggested that I look at (Barbara Kruger / Jenny Holzer’s) work with type and how they use it.

Senior Year


A  Reflection before midterms,

I have been going through different things along the way till now, and very slowly I’m converging to a point that focuses on my topic more through my projects. And the search for the right word to describe my thesis “DECEPTION”. The deception within ads that manipulates consumer. I faced technical challenges with the project that I overcame because I had a second plan in case it didn’t work. even though I’m still facing craft issues with because of the size.

I learned the technique of creating lenticular images, also added its vocabulary to mine as I knew that there was a process of making the outcome, yet I couldn’t name it.

I got to understand the psychology of deception and manipulation that the ads are putting the audience in.